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The buildings insurance market for Blocks of Flats is dominated by a small number of specialist brokers with bespoke wordings, designed to recognise the complex number of parties and their legal interaction.

But would you know where to turn to for specialist advice?

At Elevations Express we understand why insuring a block of flats or a building converted into flats is different to other types of property insurance. With flats insurance, there is probably a need for the policyholder to fulfil the requirements of the lease whilst also recognising the needs of the ultimate beneficiaries of the policy, the leasehold flat owners. However, despite this, individual flat owners often have little or no say in the purchasing decision of the policy.

In light of the above, we believe our flat owners' contracts address this as they are designed specifically to ensure that leaseholders are provided with the insurance protection they require and need as home owners.

We also understand the roles of managing agents, residents associations, management companies, RTM and RTE companies so, consequently, the policy also recognises all these additional parties and avoids any inappropriate small print to which they may not be able to comply.

As a leading edge wholesale broker, we exploit the latest technology to provide a quick and efficient solution. Our reputation is not only based on our expertise and market share but also on our service quality, personal attention and regulatory compliance. We also recognise the commission requirements of the flats market, offering variable commission as an option.

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